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HOFFMANN Adèle – La Mongie / Barèges (65)

HOFFMANN Adèle : Instructrice de Snowboard et Fondatrice de l’école A vos snows à La Mongie / Barèges (Pyrénées).

« Adèle est une sportive amoureuse des grands espaces. Très consciencieuse professionnellement, sa préoccupation première sera de vous faire progresser tout en privilégiant le côté ludique du snowboard. Idéal pour passer un bon moment en vacances ! »
La Mongie : « J’ai choisi La Mongie car c’est la plus grande station des Pyrénées françaises. Cette station est située au pied du Pic du Midi et le domaine du Grand Tourmalet offre un beau terrain hors-piste. Elle est équipée d’un snowpark et dotée d’un espace débutant moderne (tapis roulant couvert). Elle possède tous les éléments pour enseigner le snowboard à différents niveaux. »


  • Statut : Référent FS sur Mongie-Barèges
  • Diplôme d’Etat : Snowboard
  • Centre Formation : SSSA
  • Expérience : Depuis 2006
  • Carte Pro FR-N° : 03812ED0208
  • RCP : FS – MMA N°112.023.899
  • Gabarit : 1m58 – 58 Kg – Boots 37
  • Taille Board : 145 – 149 cm
  • Stance : 54 cm
  • Position : 1Goofy – 2Regular
  • Hobbies : Surf, Trampoline, Yoga, Natation, Vélo, Régisseur pour évènements sportifs tel que Roland Garros, La Parisienne…
  • Voyages : Nouvelle-Zélande (3 mois), Australie (4 mois) Indonésie (2 mois), Costa Rica (2 mois), Brésil (1 mois)


Français (Langue maternelle) 100%
Anglais (Lu, écrit, parlé) 90%
Espagnol (Lu, écrit parlé) 90%


Freecarve 100%
Freeride 90%
Freestyle 100%

Depuis 2014 Instructrice de snowboard et Fondatrice de l’école A vos snows à la Mongie / Barèges

2013 – 2014 Instructrice de snowboard à Avoriaz

2007 – 2012 Instructrice de snowboard à Champoussin / Les Crosets – CH

2006 Diplôme d’éducateur sportif Snowboard

Non Renseigné

Non Renseigné


Tarifs Valables pour 1 pers. / Horaires à définir avec Adèle


KIDS ON SNOW Session Mini-Kids
30 min à 1h 55
HOLIDAY ON SNOW Session Groupe (3 pers. max.)
1h 55
2h 110
3h 165
Session Collective (6 pers. max.)
3 JOURS – Dim. à Mar. (9h) 150
4 JOURS – Dim. à Mer. (12h30) 200
5 JOURS – Dim. à Jeu. (10h) 165
LIFE ON SNOW Session Collective (De 3 à 6 pers).
Riding Book non inclus dans les tarifs.
Hiver : Ouvert tous les jours / Eté : Fermé
Ouvert aux horaires des Remontées Mécaniques


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L’inscription au cours prend effet à réception du paiement.

Pour avoir le choix des horaires et être garanti de la disponibilité de Adèle, il est recommandé de s’inscrire à l’avance. En cas d’annulation, il faut voir directement avec elle.

Pour les demandes spontanées, le règlement se fait sur place, en début de cours.

Conditions de Vente


Pas de paiement en ligne. Contacter Adèle pour le règlement.


Lieu de RDV à définir avec Adèle lors de la réservation de cours.


N’hésitez pas à partager votre expérience sur les cours avec Adèle en laissant un commentaire tout en bas de la page. Merci et à bientôt !


  • by Kate b Posted 23 février 2013 7 h 36 min

    As snowboarders, we wanted our 3 daughters to learn how to snowboard, but were told that they ‘had to be 8 before they learnt to snowboard’. But thanks to Adele, the instructor, our youngest daughter was snowboarding aged 3. The three girls have had 3 holiday’s worth of lessons now, and at aged 5, 7 and 9 are all carving, doing jumps, 360’s (on the snow of course!) and have a thirst for snowboarding. They love every second. We can enjoy our own time snowboarding, guilt free, and knowing the kids are having a great time, and then when we pick them up, they’re desperate to get back on the piste to show us what they’ve learnt.
    Best investment ever.

  • by Jon F Posted 5 mars 2013 18 h 10 min

    I had a fantastic week boarding with Adele – simply cannot recommend these guys more highly. I have been boarding a for a few years but felt I had reached a bit of a plateau and wanted to push myself further, so enrolled in one of the intermediate groups. By the end of the week I had improved immeasurably – my turns were much tighter and finally getting my board to carve and I spent more time than ever in the freestyle park, trying to perfect some new tricks that Adele had taught the group. Definitely will be going back for more.

  • by Minimoonmin79 Posted 17 mars 2013 19 h 08 min

    Me and a friend spent 3 days with Adele, 2 hours each day and it was definitely worth the money, we were intermediate beginners and as well as being very patient she was also a fun instructor who helped us feel confident on the slopes.

  • by Nick Posted 9 avril 2013 18 h 22 min

    Just wanted to say thank you to Adele for last week, good fun and felt a definite improvement through the week. Adele’s instruction was really good and I got a lot out of it

  • by Tom L Posted 28 décembre 2013 20 h 38 min

    Just a quick email to say I have had a fantastic week snowboarding this week thanks to Adele. I had 4 days of lessons and thanks to Adele’s kind words, patience and encouragement I have progressed enough to handle the slopes on my own
    Tom L

  • by Ali Posted 3 janvier 2014 15 h 40 min

    I just wanted to say that the lesson I had with Adele on the first day completely transformed my snowboarding skills, and by the end of the week I felt like a different person!!
    Could you please pass on my thanks to Adele! She was great :o)

    Thank you

  • by J D Posted 15 janvier 2014 7 h 49 min

    As an intermediate boarder looking to progress I decided to book freestyle lessons for our week in Morzine. My friend and I booked a weeks course, 2hrs per day for 4 days and were in a group of 6.

    With little freestyle experience, by the end of the week we had perfected our ollies and 180’s and were progressing with 360’s, boxes and various other tricks on the slope and in the park!

    I’d like to thank Adele our instructor for our fantastic freestyle lessons. I’ve been taught by many snowboard instructors over the years, but Adele was by far the best yet. She was fun, friendly and very knowledgeable. All of our group had a great time during our lessons with Adele which made the trip one that we will always remember.

  • by Andy Posted 9 février 2014 10 h 47 min

    Could I please pass on my thanks and appreciation to Adele for four wonderful and excellent lessons. There is no way I would have got it together with snowboarding without her help and assistance.
    Aloha and warm regards.

  • by Mandy & Richard Posted 15 février 2014 7 h 44 min

    Me and Richard would like to thank you for organizing our lessons for the week commencing the 4th Feb in Les Gets. We would also especially like to thank Adele for being such a patient and fantastic instructor, this added to our experience and we had an amazing week. We definitely feel we progressed as the week went on and we came away feeling confident, so much so we have just booked next years trip already! Thanks again
    Mandy O’Shea & Richard Hall

  • by Rod_777 Posted 3 mars 2014 20 h 30 min

    Our 7 year old son had 4 days snowboard lessons with Adele it was his first time snowboarding and he can now snowboard, A big thank you to Adele

  • by Cassy Posted 26 mars 2014 15 h 48 min

    We had the pleasure of 5 hours of private lessons with the wonderful Adele. She did not have an easy task trying to teach a 9 year old and her mum at the same time, but she managed it with a huge smile on her face and the perfect balance of understanding and encouragement. My daughter molly will never forget Adele or her 3 days,

  • by Shane Posted 2 avril 2014 15 h 43 min

    I’d just like to thank you and Adele on behalf of my fiancée and myself for such a great time. I think we were perfectly matched in the group you selected us with and with such a great teacher. She had a fantastic way of explaining things to us, encouraging us into doing things we didn’t think we would be able to do, and a fantastic knack of knowing just when we were getting there and pace of moving the lesson on. Will defiantly be back next year!!
    Many thanks, Shane.

  • by Alexandre Posted 6 janvier 2022 13 h 41 min

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